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Book Cover: The Daughter of God by Gwen Davis


Daughter of God

Written by Gwen Davis

A delightful, reverent, gentle reworking of the greatest story ever told — only this time, instead of in a manger, he is born in America, and this time he is a girl.

UPLIFTING! This is a wonderful small miracle, truly a gem, with wit, wisdom and a contemporary feel that becomes timeless in the context of its author's respect, understanding and appreciation of the mystic truths of the original biblical tenets. The artwork is very special and a perfect illumination of Ms.Davis' perceptive and ingenious re-working of this greatest story ever told.”

Amazon reviewer

JANE AUSTEN WITH TEETH. In these self-absorbed times, we can use a book that calls us on our depravities. Scandal is that kinda book... To my surprise, Gwen Davis has been writing smart truths like this for fifty years. After finishing Scandal, I went back and read some of her earlier stuff — The Pretenders , Marriage, The Motherland, Silk Lady. All told, a sharp, sexy record of America gone mad. Readers, rejoice!”

Amazon reviewer

Gwen has done it again! A terrific romp packed with juicy Hollywood tales and titilation. I loved following the delicious revenge Louise takes... and she should! Lots of glamour, betrayal, lust... all the usual suspects that makes this [Scandal] a terrific, fun read.”

M. Feigenson, Amazon reviewer

My wife is a 2nd grade teacher and read this book [Happy at the Bel-Air] to her class over a period of 4 days. The kids could not wait to hear what Happy was doing on the following school day. We are Yorkie lovers anyway and Happy is the true image of what a Yorkie's life from a dog's point of view must be like.”

Jeff D Dane, Amazon reviewer